Event Administration
1. At the right you will be presented a login screen.  By default the login information should be supplied for you. Just click login to login.
2. You are now logged in and at the User Settings section. This is where you setup the default user settings. Feel free to look around.
3. To create a test event, go to Create Event under the User Admin Navigation navigation menu at the top.
4. You can now create a new event. Just follow the instructions provided. After the event is created, you will want to follow the link to modify the event parameters. If you do not follow this link, you can also get to your new event by using the Events dropdown navigation at the top and selecting the event you just created.
5. At this point you will be presented the Event Settings screen. This is where you setup the event's main settings. Take your time and read through all the options and set them as you want them.
6. Once you have defined the number of questions you will be using in the Event Settings as described above, you can now create your questions by going to Questions under the Event Navigation dropdown box..
7. At this point you can define the demographic fields you would like to use for this event.  To do this, go to Demographic Fields under the Event Navigation dropdown box as used above.
7. Once you have setup your event, click here and you will be able to view all the events for this user.
8. You can select the event you just created and test it out.
9. Feel free to login to the admin section again to create more events or modify any existing events.
10. Feel free to wander around the Event and User Admin screens to see all the options and settings.
Script Administration
1. If you would like to see the Script Administration screens, click here. The login information will already be filled in for you. All you will have to do is hit 'login'.
2. Once logged in, you will be presented the Script Settings screen. This is where you setup the script settings and defaults.
3. If you want to test the language translations, you can go to Translator under the Script Admin Navigation menu. Feel free to create your own translation and test it out.
4. Feel free to look around and test out any of the admin functions.