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Custom Email Messages

When using custom email message bodies you can use the following variables to insert contest information.

Please make sure you refer to the notes to since some of these do not apply for all areas of the script.

Use Will be replaced with Notes
$title Title of contest  
$eventemail Contest admin email address  
$eventurl Contest URL  
$correct Number of correct entries 1
$total Total number of entries 1
$name Entrant name  
$email Entrant email  
$company Entrant company  
$street Entrant Street  
$city Entrant City  
$state Entrant State  
$zip Entrant Zip Code  
$phone Entrant Phone  
$fax Entrant Fax  
$homepage Entrant Homepage  
$comments Entrant comments  


  1. Cannot be used in message sent to winners


Thank you for your entry in $title.  If you have any questions you can email the administrator at $contestemail. Information can be found at $contesturl.

Your entry was correct entry number $correct out of $total total entries.

The info you entered is as follows:
$city, $state $zip

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