v3.2 Upgrade
For users of version 2.7 and above only.

These instructions are for the update files only.
For instructions on installing the full version, click here.

  1. First of all, WWC Contests is now called EventHandler. Or, if you prefer, WWC EventHandler.
  2. This upgrade will work for users of WWC Contests Pro and EventHandler Pro versions 2.7 and above. Users of versions prior to 2.7 should perform a new install since their data is not compatible with this version.
  3. The file 'WWCcontest.pl' will still exist but only for compatibility. It is nothing more than an exact copy of the 'EventHandler.pl' file. This allows sites to maintain any links to the file 'WWCcontests.pl' without any interruption of operation. The 'WWCcontests.pl' file will be called initially, but it will eventually redirect over to the 'EventHandler.pl' file. You do not have to change your links which are pointed to 'WWCcontests.pl'. We do recommend that you change them over time due to the fact that the file 'WWCcontests.pl' will eventually be removed from the distribution  in future versions.
  4. The 'WWCcontests' directory is now referred to as the 'EventHandler' directory. You do not have to rename the directory but we recommend that you do rename it some time in the future.
  5. The directory 'contests' has been changed to 'data'. The upgrade will not automatically change this for you. You must rename it yourself. You can continue to use the directory 'contests' but we recommend renaming it to 'data' since we will refer to the data directory in the documentation. If you rename it, don't forget to make sure you change the path for the 'data' directory in the Script Admin (admin-main.pl).  The upgrade has been designed to recognize the directory change and should automatically correct any template paths that are pointed to use the 'contests' directory. However, after the upgrade, it is recommend that you check all your paths.
  6. The Contest Administration (admin.pl) is now called Event Administration
  7. All contests, surveys, and polls are now referred to as events.
  8. When upgrading, you should never replace the setup.pl file or the files in your 'data' (contests) directory.
  9. cookie-lib.pl and version.pl are no needed.
  10. A number of new files have been added.
  11. The modules CGI.pm is required for a few of the new features such as uploading. If this module is not installed on your server, you will not be able to use these features.
    CGI.pm has been a standard part of the Perl 5 distribution since 5.004 release of Perl. You must be running Perl version 5.003, patchlevel 7 or higher in order to use CGI.pm.
Upgrading Steps for Script Administrators
  1. Notify all of your Event Administrators and users that you are upgrading.
  2. Log in to the Script Administration (admin-main.pl) and disable all events.
  3. Unzip all files, making sure to maintain directory structure.
  4. If using NT, you might have to edit the Perl files to set a full path for the "require" statements. More information on this can be found here.

    Few NT server may also require you to uncomment the line:

       # print "HTTP/1.0 200OK\n";

    This line exists right above the require statements. Most NT servers won't require this.

    The files which might need editing include:

  5. With Unix, you might have to change the PERL path for the files listed above. Detailed information on this can be found here.
  6. Log into your server and rename the 'contests' directory to 'data'. This is not required but is recommended.  Please see the notes above for full details on this.

  7. If you want, at this point you can rename your main WWCcontests directory to EventHandler.  However if you do this you will have to change any links which exist in your website to reflect the new directory location.
    This step is not a necessity.  EventHandler is capable of running under any directory name.
  8. Create the following new directories and set permission on them to 777 for Unix and Change (RWXD) (RWXD) for NT.


    The directories should be created as subdirectories under your main directory. Here are some examples:

  9. Uploaded all files as noted below. You will be replacing some files while adding a number of new ones. The following lists all the files which you will upgrading and/or adding as well as required permissions. Please pay attention to the notes.
File Permissions Notes
Unix NT

Main Directory

admin.pl 755 IUSR_XXX Account should be set to:


Replace existing file.
admin-main.pl 755 Replace existing file.
diagnose.pl 755 Replace existing file.
EventHandler.pl 755 Uploaded as new file.
WWCcontests.pl 755 Replace existing file.
subs1.pl 666 Replace existing file.
subs2.pl 755 Replace existing file.
subs3.pl 755 Replace existing file.
subs4.pl 755 Uploaded as new file.
translator.pl 755 Replace existing file.
cont_tpl.htm 666 This template need to be uploaded if it does not already exist on your server. Do not overwrite any of your existing templates.
poll_tpl.htm 666 This template need to be uploaded if it does not already exist on your server. Do not overwrite any of your existing templates.
surv_tpl.htm 666 This template need to be uploaded if it does not already exist on your server. Do not overwrite any of your existing templates.

Translate Directory

master.pl 666 Same as above


Replace existing file.
English.pl 666 Replace existing file.
Images Directory
EventHandler.gif Default Same as above Uploaded as new file.

For full details on any of these files, you can look at our Descriptive Grid.

  1. Set file permission as needed based on table above.

  2. Edit any template files as needed. More info on template files can be found here.
  3. Log into the Script Administration (admin-main.pl) and check all the variables to be correct.  Since there are new variables and also since some old ones have changed, you should go through every one and make sure they are set to your preferences.
    Make sure you submit the Script Variables to ensure all settings are updated properly.  Even if you don't change anything, this needs to be done.
  4. If you are using your own translation, there are new lines that you will need to translate using the Translator.
  5. You can now log back into the Script Admin and enable all events so they become active again..
  6. That's it, your script upgrade is done.
Upgrading Steps for Event Administrators
  1. Log into the Event Administration (admin.pl).
  2. We suggest that you perform a backup of all your events at this point.
  3. For each event, you need to modify the event variables. A number of new variables have been added and also some old ones have changed. You should check every single setting to be correct. Once correct, submit the event variables to activate the new settings.
  4. If you are using custom email messages, you may need to edit them to reflect the new variables which can be used. The variable $address has been removed and replaced with broken down variables such as $city, $state, and so on. To see those variables, click here.
  5. Check all events to be working properly.
  6. That's it. All of your events should be operating properly and your upgrade should be completed..

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