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System Requirements

Note: We always recommend you try the free version first to ensure you can run EventHandler on your system.

Minimum Requirements:
The following are the minimum requirement to run EventHandler.

Webserver operating under Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 95/98, Unix/Linux, or compatible.

  • We've seen it run on other operating systems such as Macintosh with software that emulated a unix webserver. 

Perl 5

  • Most web servers have Perl installed but you should check prior to attempting an install. We recommend Perl version 5.004 or higher but any server on Perl 5 should be fine.

FTP Access

  • You must have the ability to FTP the files to your server. If you server is local, this might not be required. 

CGI Access

  • You must have the ability to run CGI scripts on your server.

Suggested (But Not Necessary) Requirements:
The following chart shows suggested requirements along with notes and reasons why we recommend it. 

      Reason/Purpose Notes
Perl 5.005 or above Highly recommended if you are planning on translating into another language.   
SMTP Email  Server Used for emailing functions.
If you are UNIX web server, you can use the standard Sendmail program in place of this.
With a few minor modifications, this can be overridden.
The free version does not included any mailing functions so this is not a requirement. Module This module is used for a number of the extended features such as uploading. This module is a standard in Perl version 5.004 and above. If you have 5.004 and above, you already have thus module installed.
In order to use it, you must at least be running Perl version 5.003, patchlevel 7 or higher.
Socket Module Used mainly for emailing functions on NT servers but sockets can also be used for Unix mailing. The socket module is Perl standard but a lot of administrators don't install it or forget to install it.
Minor modifications can be made to override the use of it.
Locale Module This module is used on servers with Perl version 5.004 and above to ensure case-conversion and pattern matching respect the language environment. Highly recommended when translating into other languages under Perl version 5.004 and above.


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