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Revision History

Professional Version

4.0 Beta 1 (04/30/2003)

  • Completely recoded
    Recoded all parts for improved performance.
  • Improved Event Management and Navigation
    It's now easier to jump directly to management of events.  Once in management for an event, all admin options are available in an easy to use drop box.
  • Customizable Demographic Fields
    Fully customizable demographic fields that can be defined on Script, User, or Event level. You can add, disabled or change fields at any point.
  • Question Ordering
    Ability to order your questions in any method you choose.
  • Question Disabling
    Ability to disable and enable any question at any point.
  • Answer Ordering
    Ability to order the answer choices in any method you choose.
  • Answer Disabling
    Ability to disable and enable any answer option at any point.
  • Answer Modifications
    You can now change an answer option at any point and it will be changed for all previous and future entries.
  • Demographic Field Placement
    Ability to place the demographic fields at the beginning or end of an event.
  • Points Assigning
    Ability to assign different amounts of points for each of your answer options.
  • Additional Pick Winner Options
    Pick winners based on highest percentage or highest points.
  • Randomly Picked Questions
    You can define 30 questions and have EventHandler randomly pick any number of them.  Allows for an event to be different every time.
  • Random Display Of Questions
    Ability to have all questions displayed in random order.  Format of the event will be changed each time.
  • Improved Template Management
    Templates defined on Script and/or User level and then assigned through drop boxes. You no longer have to define the HTTP and Real paths each time in the Script, User, and Event settings..
  • and more ...

3.7b (10/23/2002)

  • This version is not a major update. It just includes a few changes and fixed minor formatting issues.

3.7b (10/08/2002)

  • This version is not a major update. It just includes a few changes and bug fixes.

3.7a (08/22/2002)

  • This version is not a major update. It just includes a few changes and bug fixes.

3.7a (06/13/2002)

  • This version is not a major update. It just includes a few changes and bug fixes.

3.7a (04/08/2002)

  • This version is not a major update. It just includes a few changes and bug fixes.

3.7 (11/21/2001)

  • Use Specific Questions Only
    Ability to define any number of questions, but only show specific questions at any  given time.
  • Randomly Picked Questions
    Ability to display a specified number of randomly picked questions. A great feature for making an event different each time it is called.
    Example: You can define 30 questions and have EventHandler randomly pick 20 of them to display.
  • 'Other' Option
    Ability to include an 'Other' box that allows the visitors to provide their own answer if it is not available in the selection of answers.
  • Add 'Other' To Answer Options
    Allows answers provided using the 'Other' option to be automatically included in the future list of answer options.
  • Server Time Offsets
    Option to provide a server time offset, allowing the time to be representative of a specific time zone.
  • Allow Specific URL Submissions Only
    Ability to define a specific URL in which to accept entries from.  If the entry does not come from the defined URL, it will not be accepted.
  • Firewall and Privacy Friendly
    Option to be 'Firewall and Privacy' friendly.  This will allow submissions from visitors that are using firewalls or privacy prevention applications when the 'Allow From Specific URL' option is used.
  • Added Continued Button
    Option to use text such as 'Continued' on the submit button when an event is continued.  Helps to ensure the visitor understands that the event is continued on the next page.
  • Continued Submit Image
    Ability to use a specific image instead of the 'Continued' submit button mentioned above.
  • Separate Correct/Incorrect/Percentage Display
    You can now define to display which questions were correct and incorrect separately, as well as correct percentages.
  • Total Display Only After Submission
    Option to display the totals only after an entry has been submitted.  Totals will be displayed on submission confirmation page only.
  • Improved Totaling
    Totaling process is faster and uses fewer resources.
  • Code Enhancements
    Included a number of code enhancements for improved speed along with less resource consumption.
  • Bug Fixes
    Corrected a few bugs that were encountered in previous versions.
  • and more ...

3.6 (05/08/2001)

  • Multi-Page Events
    Events can now span multiple pages.
    See our demos for an example.
    More info.
  • Directional Events
    Option to direct entrants to specific questions depending on answer given to current question.
    See our demos for an example.
    More info.
  • Full Admin Control
    Script Admin can now access any setting for any user as well as all of their events. Gives Script Admin full control over all users and all events.
  • Remove Current, Coming, Previous Events
    Option to remove the current, coming, or previous events from the master list of events.
  • Improved Administrations Screens
  • Improved Administration Navigation
  • Improved Cut-N-Paste Code
    The cut-n-paste code has been improved as well as contains new code that must be included in static pages.
  • AccountHandler Integrations
    You can now use your AccountHandler members registrations for events.
  • Automatically reads Custom Member Plugins
    If you have created a custom member plugin to access your own member database, EventHandler will now automatically recognize the plugin and will include it in your list of Member Login Method choices.
  • User Select for Delete User
    Script Admin no longer has to type the User ID when deleting a user. A list of user will be presented to select from.
  • User Select for Admin Create Event
    Script Admin no longer has to type a user ID when creating an event. A list of users will be presented to select from.
  • Admin only modify for Events
    Script Admin can prevent modifications to events by users. Allow only the Script Admin to modify events.
  • Event Level Recommend Message
    You can now define custom Recommend Messages for each event.
  • Cascading Style Sheet Classes
    EventHandler now includes CSS classes in order to apply custom style sheets.  Give you powerful layout control using CSS. See our demos for an example.
    More Info

3.5 (01/24/2001)(02/06/2001)

  • SSI Features
    Files are now created to allow event to be called using server side includes.
  • Member Info Exporting
    You can now export your member info.
  • Retrieve member password
    Member can have their passwords emailed to them 
  • User Descriptions
    Each user can no include a user description for the master user listing.
  • Member Notify Option
    When using member logins, you can now use the notify option which allows visitors to add their name to your notification mailing list.
  • Improved Randomization
    Answers are randomized 
  • Delete Entries
    You can now delete unwanted entries through the view entry screens.
  • Event Mailing Lists
    You can now create mailing lists from any event.
  • Reversed Entry Viewing
    When viewing entries, you can choose to review them from most recent.
  • Totals shown on expired events
    Totals are not shown on event that have expired if you have chosen to show the totals.
  • Time stamping
    Entries are now time stamped.
  • Correct Answer Display
    You can no choose to display the correct answers for answers that were answered incorrectly.
  • Hide User
    Option to hide a user from the master list of users.
  • Default User Redirect
    Option to redirect to the events for a specific user rather than to the master list of users.
  • Improved Event Admin Navigation
    While in the Event Admin screens, you can now jump to the various Event Admin functions without having to re-enter your username and password.
  • Portfolio Rankings
    You can now choose the option to have your event registered in our portfolio. Event will be soted according to event type and ranked based on activity.
  • and more ...

3.4 (11/08/2000)
  • Member Registration
    You can now require visitors to create a member account in order to enter events.
  • Ultimate Bulletin Board Member Integration
    Allows you to use your UBB member database for both UBB and EventHandler. You can limit entries only to those visitors that have a member account with your UBB.
  • Entry Durations by days
    You can now define any number of days in which to allow entries. If you set this to 4, the visitor can enter once every 4 days.
  • Multiple Date formats
    You can now define dates formats of mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Quizzing Features
    You can now define the event to be a quiz and have it show percentage of correct answers. In addition, you can use a separate template for your quizzes.
  • Disable and Hide Admin Sections
    Provides for faster admin screen loading and allows you to see only what you want to see.
  • Turn Totaling Off
    This aids in speed improvement by allowing you to turn the totaling features off if you are not using them.
  • Duplicate Winner Picking
    You can now allow duplicate winner picking if you want.
  • Child Online Protection Act Features (COPPA)
    You can now require visitors to check a box that states they are within the required age in order to enter an event.
  • Privacy Statements
    You can now define a URL that will provide a link to your privacy statements.
  • Advanced Banning Methods
    You can now ban entries on a global level, a user specific level, as well as an event level.
  • Improved displaying of entries for admins
    You can now define the number of entries to show per screen.
  • Navigation Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Option to remove question numbering
  • More ...
3.3 (07/15/2000)
  • Added an instant win feature. You define the number of winners and the odds between 1 and a number, and the script will determine if an entrant in an instant winner based on those odds.  The instant win event will automatically expire after the defined number of winners has been met. 
  • The script now produces
  • Correct bug which prevented proper operation of admin view when using pro version without ID's.
  • You now have the option to calculate totals for all types of questions including textareas and textboxes.
  • You now have the option to show totals for all types of questions including textareas and textboxes.
  • The percentage and totals for checkboxes are now calculated by total number of entries. Not the total number of checkboxes that were checked.
  • File upload has been improve and now has an overwrite notification in the case of an already existing file.
  • The screen that displays all of a users events now has links to the entry form, the results, as well as the rules and regulations.
  • Corrected a few areas of text that were not able to be translated. They now can be translated.
  • A link is now produced for the totals (if chosen to show totals) on the screen which is displayed when an event has expired.
  • You can now show totals for all events.
  • If the script admin shuts off all events, the event administrators can no longer access the admin screens. This aids in upgrading and prevents any activity (even admin) if the script admin wants all events shut off.
3.2 (05/20/2000)
  • Info unavailable
3.1 (02/22/2000)
  • Added a testing feature.  This allows for you to test contests, surveys and polls before starting them.
  • You can now create a new contest, surveys, and polls by copying old ones.  This helps maintain setups and variables. After you have created the new one, all you have to do is go on and change the necessary variables.
  • You can restrict submission to the local server only.  This will prevent entries which come from outside sources.  Makes internet users come to your site to enter. 
  • Removed the link to the entry form when you are on the entry form.
  • Passwords are now encrypted for better security.
  • Added links which will show visitors just the polls, just the surveys, just the contests, or all of them.
  • You now can define separate default templates for surveys, contests, and polls.
  • You can now use check boxes in your questions.  This allows for multiple choice selections.
  • Added a "Recommend to friend" feature.  Visitors can now email the link to your contests, surveys, and polls if they want to.
  • You can now define static redirect pages for both correct and incorrect submissions.
  • The graphic which indicates a hint/link will no longer show if you are not using hints or links for additional info.
  • The statement which indicates a required field will now only show up if you have required and field or answer.
  • Cleaned up the contest admin screen a bit.
  • If you have purchased the option to remove the "powered by" statement, you can now disable it through the Script Administration.  You no longer have to edit any code.
  • You can now choose to open a new window for each contest, survey, or poll.
  • You can define a homepage link and URL which will show up in the navigation bar. 
  • Option to disable the navigation bars completely for each contest, survey, and poll.
  • Results are no longer sorted alphabetically. They are now sorted based on the number of votes. Highest to lowest.
  • Cut and paste HTML for contests, surveys, and polls.
  • And more.
3.0 (12/15/99)
  • Included a new exporting feature which allows you to export your entries into a delimited format which can then be imported into other databases and programs.
  • You can now define the correct answers after a contest has expired and then scan your entries for correct and incorrect. Once you have done so, you can then pick the winners.
  • File Locking can be disabled if you choose. This allows for the software to be ran on other operating systems that don't implement the flock command such as Windows 95 and Windows 98.
  • Entries and answers are now stored in a single database file. Allows for faster processing and easier manipulation. Also saves on disk space by using less files. 
  • Improved the method for clearing contests.
  • Improved the process for deleting contests.
  • Improved the process for deleting ID's and users.
  • A number of code improvements for increased speed and less load on server.
  • Added a number of fields to entry form. The fields now include name, email, company, street, city, state, zip, phone, fax, homepage,  and comments.  You'll note that the address field is now split up into the separate parts.
  • You can include questions that won't output on the totals  screen.
  • After modifying variables for a contest, survey, or poll, a link is now provided which takes you right back into the variables This allows for easier navigation through the admin screens. You no longer have to go back to the Contest Admin screen and then into the variables screen. You can jump right back into the variables.
  • The option to view entries and view answers are now combined. When viewing entries, it shows all answers as well as the questions. 
  • Larger text boxes are now provided for your entry form headers and footers as well as
2.9 (11/19/99)
  • Bar graphs on results. You can select the color of the bar graph from a predefined list of colors or you can use a custom graphic for bar graph.
  • The Script Administrator can define a custom bar graph image to be used for all contests surveys and polls. This prevents Contest Administrators from defining their own colors and images for the bar graphs.
  • Option to disable the link back to the master list of contests, surveys and polls.
  • Ability to require answers for questions.
  • Added option to inform the entrant which answers they submitted were incorrect, if any.
  • Improved process for deleting ID's.
  • Improved process for deleting contests.
  • Process to determine if entry is correct is now case insensitive. 
  • A few code changes for increased speed.
  • And more...
2.8 (10/15/99)
  • Ability to personally translate screens and messages into any language.
  • Option to allow entrant to select from available languages.
  • Option to allow each contest administrator to define their own preferred language.
  • Option to disable all languages except the preferred.
  • Emails and on-screen results now display all submitted information including questions and answers.
  • Use of cookies to store entrant information. Automatically fills out forms when they return.
  • Use the translator to customize all messages displayed to visitors.
  • Duplicate entry scanning through the use of cookies.
  • Ability to display only your contests, surveys, or polls.
  • Calling the script directly without parameters will result in a master list of users, when using ID's.
  • code and speed enhancements
  • and more ...
2.7 (9/15/99)
  • Added the ability to view polls, contest, or survey results without having to submit an entry.  This link is provided on the entry form as well as the quick navigation.
  • Questions no longer need a supplied answer. When running surveys or polls, sometimes there won't be a correct answer thus you can leave it blank and just supply the choices.
  • Added a Version Check feature that allows for you to quickly check to see if there is a newer version available.
  • And More... 
2.6a (9/9/99)
  • Fixed the problem which caused the message "All your contests and surveys have been disabled" and "You have not supplied an admin email address."  This only occurred when the script was set to not use ID's.  This minor problem actually had no affect on the proper operation of the script. All it did was produce these messages that were incorrect.
2.6 (9/4/99)
  • Start Dates.
  • Shutoff all contests.
  • Manual file backups.
  • Entry Totals.
  • Ability to view answers.
  • Define the table width for the questions and answers.
  • Customizable header and footer for the entry page.
  • Ability to run contests, surveys, or polls.
  • Use of radio buttons as a choice for answer selection.
  • Ability to place answers on a line below the questions. Helpful when dealing with space considerations.
  • Provide links for each question to hints or more information. The icon used for this can be fully customized.
  • Use customized image for the submit button.
  • Number of code modifications for speed improvements and better efficiency.
  • And more. Just upgrade and see!
2.5 (8/22/99)
  • Fixed bug that could cause version 2.4 to not work properly.
  • Added the ability to email lost passwords.
2.4 (8/20/99)
  • Option to run a survey only.  If chosen, all email sent, as well as all screen which are generated, will refer to it being a survey. See our demos for an example.
  • Option to allow an the visitor to enter an unlimited number of times.
  • Option to include the contest or survey name.  When you are using a single template for all surveys and contest, this is a good option to set.  It let's the visitor know what contest or survey they are working with.
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs.
2.3 (8/13/99)
  • You no longer have to use table background colors.  This helps to conform to older HTML specs.
  • Added option to choose whether you want to use name, email, address, phone number and comments boxes.
  • Added the variable "Template Base Location" in the contest variable screen. This will help prevent broken images and links when the template file is read and used.
  • Added checkbox that must checked by entrant to indicate they have agreed to all the rules and regulations.  This is only implemented if you define rules and regulations.
  • If rules and regulations are used, a link to them is now generated on the screen that shows all open and expired contests.
2.2 (8/10/99)
  • Corrected the bug which prevented the contest to expire when entries were submitted directly from the entry form. If calling the contest form directly through the script and if contest is expired, it will now inform the visitor that the contest has expired.  The form no longer will be available for entries. If submissions are through a static page and the contest has expired, it will now inform the visitor of this.
  • Added the ability to use text boxes for answers. There are now 4 optional answer formats.
  • Added the option to define whether you want the multiple choice answer selections to be randomly shuffled.
  • Modified a few things for better performance.
2.1 (6/23/99)
  • Ability to clear entries on pre-existing contests.
  • Option to use default templates (template.htm) for each user or you can allow them to provide full path to template file.
  • Option to override all user templates. Master template will be used for every user and every contest.
  • Rules page now generates a link to return to the entry form for that contest.
  • First public release


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